Thursday, October 26, 2006

Sex Drugs & Deportation

Out in B.C. a man was arrested at the request of American authorities for selling Marijuana to the U.S. He tried to fight his extradition based on the assumption that he had not committed a crime according to Canadian law. The argument moved on to be centred on weather a crime on the books that is never enforced is actually a crime. However, the core of his argument and the ton of supporters he had was if someone commits an act that is not a crime in Canada should not be sent to the states to be charged.

Currently there is an American man being held by CBSA who will be facing a hearing tomorrow on weather he can stay in Canada. He was convicted of sexual assault in Buffalo and the judge gave him the choice of serving 1 year in an American jail or living in Canada for 3 years. He will live with his wife and three kids in St. Catherines (home of the Paul Bernardo murders) and he will only be allowed to enter the U.S. for probation hearings.

The politicians and media have unanimously come out and condemned this decision. "Canada is not a dumping ground for American criminals" I agree with this sentiment. If there were grounds to serve his sentence in Canada it should be in a Canadian prison paid for by the Americans. Under special circumstances this has been done before.

Taking a closer look at the case I can't understand why I haven't heard any groups come out to support his sentence in Canada. He was convicted of fondling his 15 year old female student on the outside of her clothing inside his car in a parking lot. In Canada the age of consent is 14 and intercourse needs to occur. If this happened in Canada this would not have been a crime. The government has introduced legislation to raise the age of consent to 16 but there is some opposition to this move.

Where are the protestors that if it is not a crime in Canada they should not be forced to do time in a U.S jail? Where are the protesters that the age of consent should in the U.S is to high? It is amazing once a person is labeled as a sexual predator noone wants to hang on to their principals.