About me

Growing up I had a very active childhood. My favourite sports was and still is playing goalie in ice hockey. I also participated in baseball, tennis, swimming, classical guitar. I have been a loyal Blue Jay and Maple Leafs fan for as long as I have been following sports.

I also took an interest in political satire. "Double Exposure" was my favourite radio show. As I got older my enjoyment for political satire developed into an interest in the political process. I took a number of political science courses in university.

In August 2008, my family moved to Israel. I still keep a close eye on the Canadian Political scene while following local Israeli politics and issues on a more global level.

A large part of being a quality goaltender is watching plays develop and anticipating what might happen next away from the puck. Following politics is no different. I use my worldly perspective to provide insight into political landscape in Canada and in Israel.