Wednesday, November 8, 2006

A Pirate, A Pirate, A Pirate says..... Iowa???

The most intersting candidate in this election has to go to James Hill's bid to win a Congress seat Iowa (1st District). He claimed to be the only drunken pirate running in this election. As can be expected he was blown away. He did manage to get 1896 (1%) votes with 84% precincts reporting.

I believe that the reason he lost was that he alienated his key supporters.

Hill traveled on a motorcycle instead of 3 masted schooner. He had a dog as a pet instead of a parrot. He ran on a platform of bringing accountability to Congress. He wanted to stop politicians from stealing from people. This must have upset the traditional pirate voters who would have seen a pirate in government as an opportunity for more privateering contracts. Despite his claims he was staying true to his pirate roots the voters clearly disagreed.

By emphasising the pirate ideals he alienating the rest of his supporters. He claimed he would be the most honest politician in government which probably would have been true. This would have tremendous voter appeal. He just placed too much emphasis on promoting his values as a Pirate instead of his American ideals.

"I would have your wife right in front of you. I would smoke the last of your glaucoma medication. Then I will surely drink your liquor cabinet dry. However, know this my friend. I will never break an oath to uphold the public trust. My affidavit will be signed in my own blood. A Pirates crimson mark, with real binding effects into my after life. Laugh if you will then ask yourself if you could do it. "
The whole Pirate thing probably scared off the voters to voting for more traditional privateers like Democrats & Republicans.

Perhaps he will try to expand his party to run in Saskatchewan. I heard they have a significant pirate population there.

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