Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Stupid Politicians Part 2 Hockey Anyone?

On Monday the Bloc Quebecois tried to stir up trouble by complaining that Shane Doan is the captain for Team Canada at the World Hockey Championships. (Keep in mind the BQ have demanded that Quebec field it's own team for international hockey tournaments).

Bloc MP cares about Canada

In 2005 Doan was involved in a verbal incident with a NHL ref and received a game misconduct. He allegedly made an anti French slur to the French Canadian referee. The NHL investigated and no further disciplinary action was taken.

Instead of seeing through this stupid rant the opposition MPs joined in the calls for the government to issue a statement that they were unhappy with the decision. NDP leader Jack Layton stated that it would "cast a shadow" on the team. Opposition & Liberal Leader Stephan Dione commented that the fact the government had not issued a statement was "shocking". The government basically responded that this was not a government issue.

On Tuesday things really got stupid. All parties agreed that officials from Hockey Canada and Sport Canada are to report to the House of Commons' Official Languages Committee on Thursday to explain the decision to make Doan captain.

While the Canadian uniform is Red & White, last time I checked the letters CCCP do not appear anywhere on their uniform. The government has absolutely no business interfering with the day to day business of hockey operations. Doan could have stayed home with his 4 kids, instead he chose to try to bring home a gold medal. The decision of who should be captain is a coaches decision based on what he feels will be in the best interest of the team. Every single MP should be hanging their head in shame for allowing this to happen.

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