Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Only in Toronto

This morning there was a rally in front of city hall before the debate on the cities new taxes. They wore yellow scarves to show their support. Mayor Miller took the time to address the crowd and their concerns. They proceeded to council chambers to visually encourage city council to take up their plight. When Mayor Miller addressed council they had to be silenced when they broke out in applause (which is not permitted in chambers). They were there to support the new taxes.

Taxes are a fundamental aspect of supporting the welfare state. I can understand why some people would (especially with the new concessions) be in favour of the taxes. What other city in the western world would have a rally that their taxes are not high enough?

It is no wonder that the Conservatives are unable to win any seats in Toronto. It is no wonder we keep reelecting politicians that got us into this mess in the first place. There were 8 other taxes that were taken under consideration. Imagine when they start working on next years budget. We will have rallies from different groups in support of their favourite new taxes.

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