Monday, December 3, 2007

Liberals finally election ready

As predicted here on October 23, it looks like we can expect a spring election. Stepane Dion has declared the Liberals will be ready in February, March or April.

Dion is suggesting that the Liberals may force an election before the spring budget. Triggering an election would offset support that is bound to come from a popular budget. It would also allow the maximum benefit of the Schreiber/Mulroney inquiry.

Toppoling the government will require support from the Bloc Quebecois. Harper learned under the Martin government that the BQ cannot always be counted on for support. The BQ are willing to vote against the government on confidence motions, while pulling back their own MPs to keep the government alive if it serves their own agenda. The Bourchard Taylor commision is due to submit their report on reasonable accomodation on March 31, 2008. Based on the testimoney that has come before the commision it is likely that the report is going to rekindle seperatist sentament in Quebec. The BQ are going to be willing to wait for this much needed breath of fresh air before going to the polls.

It looks like Dion is going to have to wait topple the government on the budget after all. At least there is a chance that the election will be decided on real issues instead of meaningless partisan rhetoric.

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