Monday, February 18, 2008

Where to put the snow

The normal plan for snow removal in Toronto involves plowing streets then waiting for it to melt within a few days. This year has resulted then larger then usual snow falls. The weather has also been colder resulting in large, icy accumulations everywhere. The city spent the early part of the week blaming residents for the poor snow removal efforts. Joe Mihevc called on immediately ticketing those unable to clear snow even though the same residents needed to wait 3 to 4 days to have their street plowed. Some city employees blamed the snow accumulation on residents, shovelling snow back onto the streets. Travelling through the streets shows this excuse was unfounded.

A city has finally abandoned their plan of simply waiting for spring for the snow to go away. On Friday a plan was announced for actual snow removal. Over a 10 to 14 day period the city would truck away snow that is blocking streets and making the city difficult to navigate. Citizens are being asked to cooperate and is some circumstances 'friendly tows' will be done to make the job easier for work crews. Parking officers are to be lenient in some cases and Green P lots will be made available to help crews clear the snow. While a little late, it seems like a well thought out plan to deal with this problem.

The city is only clearing out a very small portion of the city. There will be no snow removal anywhere north of the 401. Either residents of these areas are not entitled to the same snow clearing as the rest of the city or their snow clearing is better in the first the first. Either scenario begs the question of why the cities snow removal services is not equal across the city. At least according to all the Canadian groundhogs, spring is not that far away.

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