Thursday, May 8, 2008

All he really wants is a cup of coffee

The Ontario government has been getting more attention for their attempt to overhaul the inner-workings of parliament rather then governing the province. They have over 5000 submissions on requests for input on changing the Lord's prayer. McGuinty seems intent on making sure the status quo changes no matter how many people object, including his mother. They have also overhauled the schedule in the legislature starting at 9:00am. Question period has moved from the afternoon to 10:45 and night sittings of the legislature have been eliminated. Not everyone is happy with the changes.

On Monday the new schedule went into effect. Conservative MPP Norm Sterling requested to be allowed to drink his morning coffee inside the legislature. Liberal MPP Michael Bryant expressed his support for the request. Rather then making a decision the Speaker referred the matter to an all party committee.

The Speaker is concerned that allowing coffee opens the door to a whole bunch of other questions. What about tea, orange juice, donuts, muffins, disposable cups, mugs, advertising on cups etc.... ? Offices across the country consider the morning coffee to be an important part of the morning routine. A decision about the surrounding issues should be made quickly and easily with adjustments made as unanticipated scenarios arise. Is it really necessary to spend days, possibly weeks making such a simple decision? There are more important things for the government to deal with. If they need their coffee let them have it.

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