Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Cutting to the Heart

The most popular news story today seems to be Canadian Governor General Michelle Jean. With her term as GG coming to an end next year she had decided to take a 5th and final visit up to the Arctic. Her daughter has even taken the week off of school to be on the trip.

The Inuit don't play a large role in federal politics. Between the 3 territories they have a total of 3 MPs. The population is sparse and the weather is less then ideal, even by Canadian standards. The Inuit are still Canadians and deserve attention for their local interests. Arctic soverignty is a major issue for all Canadians.

The current major issue for the Inuit is the European ban on seal products that is starting to go into effect. The seal hunt is a major source of income. The celeberaty campaign against the seal hunt has more to do with baby seals being cute than anything else. Whale hunting and other types of meat consumption don't come under the same attack. The Inuit have abandonded using clubs which was the most objectional method of hunting. The European decision is going to have a major impact on communities that have very few options for additional sources of income.

Michelle Jean decided to show her support to the Arctic community. At an assembly with seal carcasses from the hunt, she cut out a heart and ate it raw. Most people could not bring themselves to eat something worthy of an episode of fear factor. Not only did she do it but she liked it. She said it tasted like sushi and was high in protien.

In one simple act she showed that she cares for all Canadians. She demonstrated she cares for a group that can easily be forgotten. Hopefully the next Governor General will be just as compassionate for the people they represent.

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