Monday, June 1, 2009

Bulldozing Jewish Homes brings peace, bulldozing Arab homes prevents peace.

A few dozen Jewish families living in a trailer on the hilltops that they legally purchased. In some cases their building permits failed to get final approval due to political posturing. They are a threat to the entire peace process. The should be physically removed from their homes and their houses destroyed.

Arabs build homes and ignore the entire building permit process. In some cases they build on land owned by others or public land that has already been allocated for other purposes. Enforcing these building codes is an obstacle to peace, that the world is ready to quickly condemn Israel for.

Barak Obama is undertaking a very dangerous game in order to fail in a different way then is predecessors. He is trying to befriend the United States enemies by betraying long time allies. In the end Obama will find he the enemies will not changes sides and selling out Israel will not help reach any American foreign policy goals. There is still time to turn around. Is Obama ready to face reality and make the right decision.

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