Monday, July 20, 2009

Double Voting on Knesset Plenum Unethical

It only took 6 years but MK Ronnie Bar-On has finally been reprimanded in a double voting incident. The Knesset uses an electronic voting system. The results of all votes can be tabulated quickly and accurately. The system is fast and effective when it is not being tampered with.

Bar-On had decided after voting for himself he would also vote on behalf of
MK Inbal Gavrieli. The evidence of the case suggests that he probably voted how she would have voted. He may have even had permission to cast the vote. As this was only an ethical breach without any apparent harm done there will be no further punishment.

It is every MKs job to be present in their seats for voting. If they miss a vote than it is their own responsibility. The ethics committee was correct in handing down a harsh rebuke over the incident. The Knesset already has a long standing reputation for corruption. The Israeli electoral system does not leave very much room to hold politicians accountable for their individual actions. The rebuke is welcome. Hopfully it will serve as a warning to others to act on behalf of themselves and their constituants.

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