Monday, February 26, 2007

Mudsling continue

With many experts still believing that a spring election is likely the Liberals and Conservatives are both trying to push the polls to show they could win a majority government. Unfortunately demanding apologies and mudslinging seem to be more important than actually getting anything accomplished.

The first incident occurred over two provisions in the Anti-Terrorism Act are going to expire on Thursday. The Liberals are going to vote against renewing the provisions tomorrow to legislation they had written and implemented. The net results of this move are that an upcoming inquiry to the Air India bombing will not be able to happen because they will not be able to interview certain witnesses.

Stephan Harper tried introducing to the public record a newspaper report that one of the beneficiaries to the law not being renewed was a Liberal MPs father-in-law. Harper was shouted down and the article never made it into the public record. The Liberals kept demanding an apology. When that didn't work they came up with a government conspiracy that the information was confidential and the only way the reporter could have found out was if the information had been leaked from the PMO office. The reporter who wrote the article was asked about their sources. They had covered the Air India bombing for 15 years and had even written a book. Anyone who followed the trials that closely would know who the key players were. The only new piece of information the reporter had recently uncovered was that this particular individual was related to an MP.

The Liberals moved on to find something new to complain amount. They are now complaining that the Conservative government is trying to obliterate out all memory of the Liberals ever serving in government. The proof was that at a press conference this week with Condoleezza Rice a statue of Former Liberal PM and Nobel Prize Winner (for resolving 1956 "Suez Crisis") Lester Pearson was blocked by a backdrop wall. It turns out that under Chretien and Paul Martin the same statue was routinely blocked with the same backdrop wall for press conferences. It is just too costly and time consuming to move. There is only one time anyone could remember where Martin had the statue moved front and centre during a press conference with George Bush.

Although I am disappointed with the Conservatives for their part in the mudslinging the Liberals are clearly unable to handle it. They have looked like giant cry babies demanding apology after apology while making false accusations. If they don't start to concern themselves with real issues that effect Canadians they will spend another 5 years in the ("penalty box") opposition benches.

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