Sunday, February 11, 2007

Quotes of the week

With a possible election looming the political bantering becomes more and more entertaining. Here are my favourites from last week on Parliament hill.

Garth Turner was thrown out of the Conservative Party in November. After flirting with the Green Party and a vow to fight for the rights of independent MPs he decided to join the Liberal Party. He has been a strong proponent that when members cross the floor there should be a by-election. His first day with the Liberals he declared that he would resign his seat on condition that a by-election be called immediately (the PM has 6 months to call a by-election) and by-elections be called in the two ridings where Liberals crossed the floor to join the Conservative Government.

The House Leader Peter Van Loan greeted Turner to his new position.

"Mr. Speaker, the member for Halton has not been in the caucus for 24 hours and he has already gotten a standing ovation for the concept of him resigning."

The opposition parties have once again tried to get the government to comply with Kyoto. In a committee meeting David McGuinty (brother of the unpopular Ontario Premier Dalton) grilled the Environment Minister if he was in favour of implementing a carbon tax.

The response from John Baird

"We don't sit around the cabinet table dreaming up ways to increase taxes. That's certainly more common in the McGuinty family than it is in the Harper cabinet,"

I expect this week to be just as entertaining.

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