Thursday, November 1, 2007

Who is afraid of voters?

Earlier this summer Stephan Dion taunted Prime Minister Harper that he was waiting to call by elections because he was afraid to face voters. Losing all the by elections in one night would hurt the Conservatives with the possibility an election looming. Instead it was the Liberals who lost 3 Quebec by elections including (Outremont) the safest Liberal riding in the country.

Today the Liberals had the opportunity to topple the government attempting to cut the GST. They have been vocal that they are against this move and would consider rescinding it as part of their election platform. Once again Dion ordered his caucus to remain seated and abstain from voting. If the Liberals are not going to try to influence the government they should move their seats to the viewing gallery until the next election.

In 2006 Paul Martin refused to go anywhere near Dalton McGuinty due to his unpopularity from creating the health tax. Martin lost the election and McGuinty was given a second term as premier.

After the the Ontario Liberal victory Toronto David Miller stated that it was a green light to impose his new taxes because people are willing to pay for services they want. There was even a pro tax rally before the meeting where the taxes were approved. Miller has been leading the charge that 1% GST should go to municipalities.

The next by election needs to be called by January 2 for the riding of Toronto Centre. Willowdale and Vancouver Quadra need to be called by the end of January. We may see the Liberals agreeing to support the Miller initiative to raise the GST 1% and give the money to the cities.

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