Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Canadian History

One of the big news stories last week was the release of the Dominion Institutes study on how well Canadians know their history. Some the embarrassing results included:

What year did Confederation occur?
26% Correct

Who was Canada’s first Prime Minister?
46% Correct

Who was Canada’s first francophone Prime Minister?
13% thought Rene Levesque had actually been PM (a separatist dream)
56% Correct

I took the online version of the test. The test is out of 10. The problem is that if you get a question wrong you have to start again. I got to question 7 or 8 on my first two attempts before successfully completing the test on my 3rd try. The questions I got wrong were which car was manufactured in NB and was discontinued with less than 3000 made and the name of the food eaten by Hudson Bay fur traders.

How well do you know your Canadian history?

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