Friday, November 9, 2007

Splitting the silly vote

Seeing the silliness in politics is a long standing Canadian tradition. From 1963-1993 Canadians could depend on the Rhinoceros Party to bring a political voice to their silly views. The Rhinoceros Party ran on such platforms as repealing the law of gravity, paving Manitoba to create the world's largest parking lot, ending crime by abolishing laws, annexing the United States and declaring war on Belgium. Changes to Canada's election laws forced the Rhinos into extinction.

There are now two groups claiming to be the true successor to the Rhinoceros Party. There is The Rhinoceros Party lead by Sa Tan who in August filed a $50 million lawsuit and charter challenge against the government over the change in election laws. The second group is the party lead by Fran├žois Yo Gourd. They ran two candidates in the three recent Quebec by elections. Like the Liberals, Yo Gourd was unable to win the riding of Outremont. He did manage to get 145 votes coming in 6th.

Today Yo Gourd launched the party platform for the next election. There platform is in accordance with their Marxist-Lennonist (Groucho & John) philosophy. They claim to have 600 supporters.

Their promises include:
*Make Spanish Canada's official language
*Force current Prime Minister Stephen Harper go on a diet
*Create a national gas-barbecue registry
*Replace soldiers' weapons with paintball guns.
*Replace the Defence Department with a Ministry of Laughter
*Marijuana in every pot
*Weekly Orgasms

The goal of the party is to make politics less boring. They have pointed out that if every Canadian (approx. 40%) who currently doesn't vote decided to vote for them they would be able to form a majority government.

It is great to see that the silly vote once again will have representation. Two questions remain. Will the two parties join forces to avoid splitting the silly vote? Will the Liberals or Green Party agree avoid fielding a candidate in Ourtremoent in order to not have a "silly candidate" run against Stephane Dion or Elizabeth May?

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